Same Same But Different: Lessons from a Lao Boxing Ring

I’ve learned a lot of lessons from global travel – big and small, significant and superficial. I’m sure you have, too. As a contributor to ESG, I want to focus on the lessons I’m still learning, the big questions that I’m still exploring and probably...

North of the Border and Straight On 'Til Europe

When I was 10 years old, my parents took me on a trip to Quebec City. I had been to Canada before to spend time with family, but this was my first time visiting one of the oldest settlements in North America. Wandering through the old city, I fell in...

A Kiwi in London: Learning to Fly

In her first post on ESG, Jess from New Zealand reflects back on the lessons learned as a young Kiwi "flying" her life far from the North Island and across the world, exactly seven years ago this month.  

Quarter Life Crisis: Goodnight New York, Good Morning Vietnam

Two years ago, Lauren was living the corporate New York life and gave it up to move to Vietnam. Revisit her reflections from before she took flight – and find out how it's panned out two years (and countless adventures!) later.