Pura Vida: Janel’s Costa Rican Travel Diary (Part 1)

I’ve wanted to visit Costa Rica for some time, and finally had the opportunity to travel there on a solo adventure this past April. For me, the main draw of Costa Rica was its eco-tourism; I wanted to see the rainforest, spot a sloth or two, and just...
September 13 2019   
by Janel - Washington, DC, USA

My Journey Down Under: How It Became Much More Than Just Facing My Fear of "L'Avion"

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated flying. As a child, I once flew to Greece with my family (from France), and I vividly remember being afraid during our somewhat rocky landing in Athens (I was five at the time). After this experience, I didn’...
April 24 2019   
by Marion - Paris, France

City to Soul: Halfway Into A Year Around the World

“Grown-up Gap Year” = professional hiatus for long-term backpacking: Natalie is more than six months into an around-the-world journey with her husband Shane. After 10 years working the grind in London, they packed up their flat for a year and hit the...

Q&A: The Traveling Jeweler & Kickstarting 'Kemi Clips'

Kemi is an NYC-based jewelry designer and travel enthusiast. She's in the middle of a Kickstarter for her creation of Kemi Clips: the travel hat companion designed by a jeweler [ends April 24th].