City to Soul: Halfway Into A Year Around the World

“Grown-up Gap Year” = professional hiatus for long-term backpacking: Natalie is more than six months into an around-the-world journey with her husband Shane. After 10 years working the grind in London, they packed up their flat for a year and hit the...

Everywhere She Globes: A New Year of Perspectives & Adventures

Happy New Year from the team at Everywhere She Globes! We are excited for what's ahead this year, as we pick up momentum and expand on the groundwork from our 2018 launch. Stay tuned for plenty of new authors, fresh adventures, and tips/tales of life...

Gallup, New Mexico: Feeling A World Away in the US of A

I write to you from a small, sleepy cowboy town on the edge of Navajo Nation, the largest reservation among more than 300 across the US. Gallup, New Mexico, is home to about 20,000 people; its population hasn’t fluctuated in years. Historic Route 66 ...
September 13 2018   
by Audrey - New Mexico, USA

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June 21 2018