The Beginning of It All: Le Départ & Le Retour, Part 2

So where did I leave things? Sorry it’s been so long; the summer was busy, and so was work after the school holidays. I think I ended Part 1 of this post (The Beginning of It All: Le Départ & Le Retour) right about the time I got my new job in Lo...
October 31 2018   
by Marion - Paris, France

Keeping Up with Global Connections: How I Stay Connected to the World from My Backyard

Traveling is one of my major hobbies, but the reality is that I live and work full-time in the United States. Americans generally have less vacation days than people in other industrialized countries and therefore, the amount of time I have to explor...
September 30 2018   
by Janel - Washington, DC, USA

Gallup, New Mexico: Feeling A World Away in the US of A

I write to you from a small, sleepy cowboy town on the edge of Navajo Nation, the largest reservation among more than 300 across the US. Gallup, New Mexico, is home to about 20,000 people; its population hasn’t fluctuated in years. Historic Route 66 ...
September 13 2018   
by Audrey - New Mexico, USA

South of the Border: Solo Getaway In Mexico Featuring Beautiful Sights & Fear of Heights (Part 2)

In Part 2, Janel continues sharing her recent experience as a solo female traveler in Mexico, from Mérida to Mexico City (be sure to read Part 1; cover photo from Chichen Itza). One of her goals as an ESG blogger is to empower other women to take the...