My Journey Down Under: How It Became Much More Than Just Facing My Fear of "L'Avion"

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated flying. As a child, I once flew to Greece with my family (from France), and I vividly remember being afraid during our somewhat rocky landing in Athens (I was five at the time). After this experience, I didn’...
April 24 2019   
by Marion - Paris, France

The Beginning of It All: Le Départ & Le Retour, Part 2

So where did I leave things? Sorry it’s been so long; the summer was busy, and so was work after the school holidays. I think I ended Part 1 of this post (The Beginning of It All: Le Départ & Le Retour) right about the time I got my new job in Lo...
October 31 2018   
by Marion - Paris, France

Fireworks, Football & Being French: La Fille Qui N’aimait Pas Le Foot (The Girl Who Didn't Like Football)

In Marion's second post for ESG, she shares her experience celebrating with her country in the aftermath of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Championship! [Her first post was a reflection on returning to Paris after living in London...stay tuned for Part 2!] 

The Beginning of It All: Le Départ & Le Retour - Part 1

Hi there/Bonjour ;) and welcome to my first post! I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful adventure that is this blog (thanks to Meghan!), but I have to say it was hard to decide what to write for my first post – so, I decided I would tell you how...