Made in China: Two Months in Beijing, Part 2

Looking back on Beijing: Rachelle revisits her two months spent in China during her Master's program in International Relations. In Part 1, she reflects on "the sound of no silence" in Beijing.
November 19 2018   
by Rachelle - Boston, USA

The Beginning of It All: Le Départ & Le Retour, Part 2

So where did I leave things? Sorry it’s been so long; the summer was busy, and so was work after the school holidays. I think I ended Part 1 of this post (The Beginning of It All: Le Départ & Le Retour) right about the time I got my new job in Lo...
October 31 2018   
by Marion - Paris, France

Keeping Up with Global Connections: How I Stay Connected to the World from My Backyard

Traveling is one of my major hobbies, but the reality is that I live and work full-time in the United States. Americans generally have less vacation days than people in other industrialized countries and therefore, the amount of time I have to explor...
September 30 2018   
by Janel - Washington, DC, USA

Gallup, New Mexico: Feeling A World Away in the US of A

I write to you from a small, sleepy cowboy town on the edge of Navajo Nation, the largest reservation among more than 300 across the US. Gallup, New Mexico, is home to about 20,000 people; its population hasn’t fluctuated in years. Historic Route 66 ...
September 13 2018   
by Audrey - New Mexico, USA