My Journey Down Under: How It Became Much More Than Just Facing My Fear of "L'Avion"

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated flying. As a child, I once flew to Greece with my family (from France), and I vividly remember being afraid during our somewhat rocky landing in Athens (I was five at the time). After this experience, I didn’...
April 24 2019   
by Marion - Paris, France

City to Soul: Halfway Into A Year Around the World

“Grown-up Gap Year” = professional hiatus for long-term backpacking: Natalie is more than six months into an around-the-world journey with her husband Shane. After 10 years working the grind in London, they packed up their flat for a year and hit the...

Q&A: The Traveling Jeweler & Kickstarting 'Kemi Clips'

Kemi is an NYC-based jewelry designer and travel enthusiast. She's in the middle of a Kickstarter for her creation of Kemi Clips: the travel hat companion designed by a jeweler [ends April 24th]. 

Namibia, Part 2: Finding Myself Under African Skies

Welcome back! [Be sure to catch up on Namibia, Part 1: Getting Lost in the Desert before this post]. Time to get back to Namibia and EHRA’s volunteer projects. Upon completion of week 1, or build week, the weekend is spent at EHRA’s base camp, taking...
February 24 2019   
by Rachelle - Boston, USA